Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. All sunglasses purchased are non-exchangeable and non-refundable
  2. Skyline only accepts exchanges due to the following: Manufacturing defect on sunglasses or Incorrect item delivered through our Ecommerce website. 
  3. For items purchased at physical retail stores, a copy of the original purchase receipt is required to be shown should there be a need to claim against manufacturing defects on recently purchased sunglasses. 
  4. Sunglasses are not exchangeable due to damage done by customers
    • Frame cracked because customer accidentally crushed it
    • Lenses cracked due to heavy items placed on sunglasses
    • Scratches on lens due to customers putting sunglasses in pocket with keys for example
  5. Skyline do not sell spare lenses for any model of sunglasses  purchased

Currency Exchange Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices shown in other currenices except SGD such as MYR are only used as an indicative price for customer reference. All prices charge on our website will still be based on the SGD price. For purhcases made outside of Singapore such as Malaysia, prices will be charged based on the currency exchange rate used by Paypal.