Skyline has been providing high quality sunglasses at affordable prices in Singapore and Malaysia for over a decade and has gained a large following of loyal customers in the process. Skyline sunglasses are offered in a variety of styles appropriate for different activities. For people wearing prescription spectacles, Skyline Wear Overs are the perfect choice as it allows the users to wear the sunglasses over their prescription spectacles.

All frames are manufactured from high quality plastics that allow frames to be flexed to a certain degree without breaking. Structure of the frames such as frame-width and nose bridges are also specially designed to fit Asian faces. All Skyline Sunglasses are fitted with only Polarized Lenses.

What are the advantages of Polarized Lenses? Non-Polarized Lenses do not eliminate glare but only darken images and the wearer may still see harsh light reflecting off multiple hard surfaces. Eye strain or eye redness can still set in after prolonged exposure to glare.

Only Polarized Lenses effectively eliminate glare and allow the eyes to feel relaxed and comfortable. Choose only Polarized Lenses by Skyline to experience the visual advantage. Protecting your eyes for every activity is our priority.