UV400 & Polarized Lenses

Skyline TruePolarized™ Lenses

Glare can be an irritant to the eyes especially on bright and sunny days. What is Glare? Light reflected from harsh surfaces such as roads or the surface of water usually travels in a horizontal oriented direction which creates intense light known as glare. This glare is uncomfortable to the human eye and impairs vision due to excessive squinting of the eyes.

Skyline TruePolarized™ Lenses contain a specially formulated grid that is able to effectively block out glare. Skyline TruePolarized™ lenses are also rigorously tested to ensure that images are not overly darkened and objects are still discernible.

Drivers are prevented from headaches when glare from roads or flat objects are eliminated and fishing enthusiasts are able to truly experience the beauty of what is beneath the water surface when glare is removed. Experience Skyline TruePolarized™ below.

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