Rydac Technology

Rydac TrueSight™ Lenses

Clarity in vision is essential for Cycling, Driving, Triathlons, Golf and Fishing to name a few. Clarity of lenses is therefore fundamental to any eyewear brand which is why we have incorporated exceptional technology to obtain the highest visual clarity.

Rydac TrueSight™ lenses are constantly tested to ensure it meets the strictest standards required by professional athletes such as testing standards of the American National Standards Institute; the foremost definitive benchmark in the eyewear industry.

To meet this standard, our lenses undergo a vigorous set of testing which includes testing for Refractive Properties, Transmittance Properties, Qualification of Lens Type, and Variation in density. We understand that clear vision in competitive sports such as road bicycle racing is paramount as riders are travelling at high speeds. The optical clarity of our lenses ensure the safety of riders as well as elevate sports performance.

Rydac ImpactGuard™

Cycling downhill on a rocky and perilous trail is truly an exhilarating experience. However, courage without the right gear is pre-booking a stay at the hospital. Understanding athletes are fearless and continuously pushing themselves helps us in understanding the harsh demands of sporting excellence and creating great products that exceed expectations.

We always have the safety of our consumers in mind when we create new products and that is why ImpactGuard™ complies with the stringent ANSI Z80.3 2015 standard which includes the steel ball impact test. Falling from a mountain bike on a steep hill and having lenses cracking on impact is not an option for us as this can mean serious eye injury.

We understand the delicate nature of the eyes and ensure the safety of our lenses. Tough athletes are in need of tough lenses and Rydac ImpactGuard™ delivers.

Maximum UV Protection

UV light otherwise known as ultraviolet radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. According to the American Cancer Society, constant exposure to the sun’s UV Rays increases a person’s risk of developing cataracts and other eye problems such as photokeratitis (painful inflammation of the cornea) and macular degeneration, a lead cause of vision loss among Americans age 65 and older.

We understand the gravity of vision loss and the dangers of UV exposure as UV rays are often not physically felt and people only realise the damaging effects when it is too late. Athletes who engage in outdoor sports are even more prone to these dangers due to long exposure to the sun. UV light is even present on cloudy days as clouds do not block out all UV rays.

As such, we strictly ensure that our lenses are made from materials that are known to block out UV radiation. Our lenses are also compliant to ANSI Z80.3 2015 which includes an ageing test where our lenses are radiated with intense UV light for an extended duration to ensure there are no changes to the lens. Good vision is a privilege that we must not take lightly.

Hydrophobic Coating

Dirt, dust, water and perspiration are some elements that may come into contact with your lenses during your outdoor activities and obscure your vision. Our lenses are applied with a hydrophobic coating to repel these elements such that when they into contact with the lenses, they slide off the lenses rather than attract to it.

Our Hydrophobic Coating also allows the lenses to be cleaned effortlessly without leaving a residue layer. We make burdensome aspects of lens cleanliness straightforward and hassle-free so that you as an athlete are able to focus on the challenges of finishing the race.

Frame Technology

Having frames that last has always been our core principle and that is why all Rydac frames are made from Swiss Grilamid TR90. Designed in Switzerland, Grilamid TR90 is a homopolyamide nylon which is extremely lightweight, durable and flexible with high resistance to chemical and UV damage. Normal Polycarbonate Frames crack easily on impact but Grilamid TR90 is able to sustain a considerable amount of stress whilst retaining its flexibility. Sports sunglasses may be worn for hours by professional long-distance bicycle racers and that is why Grilamid TR90 has always been the favourite and a preferred choice.


Having to adjust your sunglasses constantly from slipping while you are on the move can be a burdensome affair. This practice is even more difficult when you are on a bicycle at fast speeds or trying to adjust the sails on a boat. Rydac’s DoubleGrip™ earsocks and nosepads are made from a special thermoplastic that grips the back of your head securely and comfortably such that your sunglasses will always be in the optimum position where you are looking through the centre of the lenses. The softness of our nosepads also prevents injuries from impacts such as a volleyball strike to the face or a fall from a mountain bike. It can also be easily adjusted to fit your nasal bridge comfortably.

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