About Skyline Sunglasses

Skyline has been providing high quality sunglasses at affordable prices in Singapore & Malaysia since 1996.

Our sunglasses are sold at more than a hundred stores island-wide and can be found at major Government Hospitals, Polyclinics and Large Retail Chains. Over the years we have built a loyal following of customers who trust our sunglasses in protecting their vision. Many prefer Skyline Sunglasses after eye surgery or preventive care against harmful UV Rays.

All frames are manufactured from high quality plastics that are strong enough to allow frames to be flexed to a certain degree without breaking while providing the wearer with superb comfort. Sunglasses made with lower quality plastics are less flexible and small hairline cracks tend to appear after a while. They are also prone to breakages if sunglasses are flexed too much.

Skyline Sunglasses's frame-width and nose bridges are also specially designed to fit Asian faces. All Skyline Sunglasses are fitted with only Polarized Lenses to give you the clearest vision. Quality sunglasses need not be overpriced and Skyline offers great quality frames and lenses at reasonable prices. 

Our Original WearOvers designed to be worn over spectacles was also the first to launch in Singapore almost 20 years ago and is still a favorite for many customers. Some who do not wear spectacles also enjoy wearing our Wearovers as it offers greater protection against the sun and enjoy the comfortable fit.

Trust Skyline Sunglasses in giving you an unparalleled crystal clear vision for activities such as Driving, Golf, Fishing and guarding your eyesight against eye diseases such as Cataracts. In Singapore over 80% age 60 and above develop cataract according to a study done by SNEC Singapore. Keep your eyes healthy!

All Skyline Sunglasses comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase that covers manufacturing defects. Accidental breakages and scratched lenses are not included in the warranty. Every purchase of a Skyline Sunglasses comes with a Microfiber Soft Pouch, this pouch can also be used to clean the sunglasses lenses. It will not cause scratches due to the microfiber material used.

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